About Sigma 

Our mission is to help our clients through the automation of time consuming and error-prone task, the extraction of valuable information from structured and unstructured data, and the augmentation of human capacities to super human levels by using our proprietary cutting-edge.

San Francisco



Sigma is a very unique Artificial Intelligence company because most members of the senior team have over 30 year experience in AI. It was in the 90’s when, in addition to developing AI technology and products, they also started to deploy a number of AI-based services in Europe and America, providing automated services to millions of users since then.

This extensive experience allows us to deliver massive value to companies and institutions in several ways:

  • By combining different sources of information:
    • Our AI analyzes all available sources of information as we humans do (text, audio, and image/video sources).
  • By adapting the technology to the specific use case
    • Our proprietary technology is easily tailored to the real-world working conditions, which enables to achieve unparalleled results.
  • By sensing and processing more than is humanly possible
    • Our proprietary deep-learning-based systems analyze and integrate data from a wide range of sources to deliver incomparable insights in real time.
  • By Using Unique Patented Technology
    • Our continuous investment in research and development makes it possible to have a unique patented AI technology that places Sigma far ahead of other players.

Explore the areas in which our technology and products give you what you need.

Our products and custom solutions achieve results not possible with any other existing technology.

We know that time, security and accuracy are of the essence. So, every technology, product and solution that we develop is designed toward these ends.