Sigma Business Intelligence

Sigma Business Intelligence is a data analysis platform that extracts information from structured and unstructured data sources (be it text, audio, image, video or raw series of data) and builds predictive models, generates alerts, and classifies information. It encompasses an increasing number of plug & play and turn-key features that are described below and accepts multiple data formats. It includes easy-to-use user interfaces, so it is not necessary to have previous training or knowledge in AI to get the most out of it.


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Customer Journey

Understanding customer’s preferences is critical to successful sales. Customer segmentation maximizes the outcome of the marketing effort and increases customer’s satisfaction. Sigma’s Customer Journey products has successfully segmented clients and built predictive models that provide a powerful tool for digital marketing and e-commerce professionals …

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Debt Collection

Debt collection is a time-consuming and complex task demanding a large percentage of a finance department’s resources. Sigma’s debt collection product provides the probability of debt recovery based on historic and current debt collection data, which has proven to facilitate the segmentation of debtors and the design of specific action plans for each debtor group…


E-mail and Ticket Classification

Classifying e-mails and tickets into distinct categories has an important impact on help desks and service desks. Sigma’s classifier product for help desk/service desk and e-mail classification uses deep learning to classify e-mails based on content, subject and sender in real time. It provides a very high accuracy, outperforming other existing technologies and solutions …