Circulation and Flow Optimization

How Computer Vision technology can help analyze and predict movement behavior patterns.

The Challenge

Behavioral analysis can be extremely useful in many businesses. Having the capacity of detecting and predicting movement patterns helps design, implement and compare strategies to optimize the use of the available resources and reduce the flow of people. Stores and transportation are just two examples where behavioral analysis helps not only provide a better service and increase business profitability, but also stop the spread of COVID-19.
The company wanted to compare different marketing strategies and measure their impact on potential clients.

Sigma’s Heat Map product estimates heat maps as well as their evolution along time in indoor and outdoor applications in real time.

The Solution

Sigma’s Heat Map product was used to analyze movement pattern behaviors in conferences and to compare behaviors in the exhibitors area with behaviors in the company’s booth surrounding area.
The setup of the system is very straightforward, so it can be installed very easily and rapidly, and since it does not store any personal information, there are no privacy issues.
Circulation an flow optimization

The Outcome

The information allowed the company to identify the best marketing strategy and to monitor the evolution of visits to the booth to optimize the use of resources, reduce the waiting time to visitors and provide a better service.