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security camera detention
security camera detention

Compliance, PPE & Covid-19

We, human beings, are exceptionally good at interpreting behaviors and recognizing events with uncanny accuracy. However, we must increasingly rely on technology to be able to process the overwhelming amounts of existing and new data, and to overcome one of the most critical human limitations, which is attention.

Sigma’s Artificial Intelligence is exceptional at processing limitless data, at automating processes, and at detecting events to help focus human attention where is most needed.

Sigma’s counting people, social distancing and personal protection equipment detection (PPE) features operate both indoors and outdoors; help control occupancy; and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID by measuring compliance with social distancing and the use of PPE respectively. Examples of protection equipment that can be detected are masks, helmets, reflective jackets, etc. These products also provide accurate statistics over time, so the effectiveness of safety measures and protocols can be measured and assessed.

Sigma’s heat maps feature also functions both indoors and outdoors, identifying areas of intense traffic and/or human circulation; detecting movement patterns; and generating heat maps. This provides information enabling specific actions to reduce or redirect the traffic and/or the flow of people.

Watch this video to see Sigma’s compliance products applied to covid. Let’s discuss how our products could deliver the compliance solutions your organization needs.