Contactless Timeclock

How Computer Vision technology can increase safety and help control employees’ and contractors’ schedule.

The Challenge

The company used a number of clock-in clock-out systems that were not based on biometrics, so they had had issues related to impersonation and employees forgetting their badges at home or their PINs. The HR department analyzed both fingerprint and facial recognition based systems, and decided to use the later since fingerprint readers get dirt and have to be cleaned very often. Since facial recognition is a contactless solution, it is extremely useful during the COVID-19 pandemic since it helps stop the spread of the virus.

Sigma’s facial recognition product is highly accurate and does not require the employees to register into the system but can use the employees’ ID photos.

The Solution

Sigma’s facial recognition product does not require employees to register into the system. It can use the ID photos and the employees’ identification information stored in the HR database to perform the registration process automatically.
The identification threshold is configurable, so it can be easily adapted to the security level. The product also has mechanisms to detect identity fraud such as the use of photos or masks. The installation of the system just requires the camera calibration, which is done following an easy semiautomatic procedure.

The Outcome

Using facial recognition to control when each person is in the office and who is in the office at any given time, helps company to increase safety and to control employees’ and contractors’ schedule, and has solved the impersonation issue.