Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology identifies or verifies the identity of a person from a static image or a video sequence. The identification process compares the facial features of the person with all the faces within a database, to find the face that matches the facial features of the person. The verification technology checks if a person is who he or she claims to be. The verification process also uses a static image or a video sequence, but it only compares the facial features of the person with the face in the database that belongs to the individual the person claims to be.

In both cases, it is necessary to have a database that contains the faces of all the users of the system. Faces are added to the database through the registration process, which traditionally consists of taking a photo of all users, ticketed passengers, and persons-of-interest, and associating it with their identification. The registration process usually takes time, particularly if the number of users is high.

Sigma’s facial recognition product facilitates the registration process using the employee/user photos or the ID cards directly, which saves a lot of time and minimizes the hassle and logistics of the employee registration process.

Facial recognition products can be applied in cases such as access control, clock-in clock-out, customers or VIP recognition, or suspect recognition at a distance. Since it is a contactless technology it helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.