Human Activity Analysis

How Sigma’s AI technology can help analyze satellite images and extract actionable information

The Challenge

The insurance company needed to monitor human activity in inaccessible areas as well as its evolution along time based on historic and current satellite images. They also wanted to compare different areas in terms of current data analysis and temporal evolution analysis, so as to assess what areas were developing the fastest.

Sigma’s AI-based Satellite Human Activity Recognition and Analysis (SAHARA) Tool detects and measures human activity combining advanced computer vision technology with data analysis.

The Solution

Sigma used satellite images provided by the client to calibrate the computer vision technology and defined, together with the client, the parameters to be provided through the data analysis. Sigma’s team adapted the user interface of the SAHARA tool as well as the report format to the client needs.

SAHARA tool allowed to use user-selected images since, usually, an area needs several satellite images to be properly covered. It also provided a tool to graphically select de area to be analyzed in each image.

The Outcome

The system allowed to have current information about human activity in any area of the Earth as well as to assess its evolution along time and to compare different areas with no need of reviewing official reports, which in some cases are inaccurate, or sending a team to assess the human activity in person. So, saving time and reducing the cost and the risk associated to collecting the information on site