Identity Verification

How Computer Vision technology can help hasten the boarding process and improve passenger experience.
identity verification

The Challenge

Hastening the boarding process and getting passengers takeoff ready is not an easy task, since it implies the performance of a number of last minute tasks that can delay the flight significantly. One of these tasks is the control of the passengers’ boarding passes and ID documents, which is currently done by the ground staff manually. This control checks that the ID photo corresponds to the passenger’s face and that the passenger’s information in the boarding pass coincides with the one in the ID document.

Sigma’s product checks the information as well as the authenticity of the ID document, saving time, increasing security and allowing ground staff to focus on more complex issues.

The Solution

Sigma’s product augments the capacity of the ground staff by performing the repetitive tasks and alerting when there is any issue that requires human intervention. In this way, the ground staff have available time to resolve the complex issues and improve passenger’s experience.
The passenger information is processed by the automated system and is not stored, so there are no privacy issues.
Identity verification

The Outcome

The airline has a smoother and faster boarding process and can dedicate its human resources to provide a better service and improve passenger experience.