Incident Classification

How Business Intelligence AI technology can help route technical incidents and support requests.
Incident classification assistant

The Challenge

There was a large number of technical incidents and support requests that were routed to the wrong expert group. This increased the time to resolve incidents and the waiting times. Also, users had to explain the problem several times until the call was transferred to the right team. So, consequently, user satisfaction was low.
The client had a large database of incidents and support requests together with the solutions and the team that resolved them.

Sigma’s Classifier can recognize the different incidents and route them to right support team, saving time and increasing efficiency and user satisfaction.

The Solution

The historic database was not properly organized, so Sigma filtered, cleansed and annotated it properly and helped to change the data collection process, so that current data could be used to improve the performance of the classifier.
Once the data was ready, Sigma’s classifier learnt from the examples and started to route the incidents and support requests.
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The Outcome

Sigma’s classifier had an important impact on the performance of the support teams. It reduced:

  • The incident classification error by 50%
  • The time spent in classifying each incident by 60%.
  • The agent training time by 75%