Information Search in Audio & Audiovisual Content

How Sigma’s AI platform can help monitor, extract information and facilitate information search from any source.

The Challenge

A major European media company wanted to monitor audio and audiovisual sources in English and Spanish and to store it in a way that could allow them to do advanced searches (such as looking for the voice of specific people saying concrete phrases). They also wanted to receive alerts in real time, receive statistical reports and follow social media and press online, so that they could use this information to create new content.

Sigma’s AI platform can monitor on line sources of information, cluster, index and organize their content and allows to do advanced search, and performs automatic alerts and customized statistical analysis.

The Solution

Sigma configured its crawlers to access the client’s list of sources of information. The collected information was processed by Sigma’s AI platform. It clustered similar social media messages, extracted information, and indexed the news to allow fast searches. It also created real time alerts based on user-configurable criteria and analyzed the data statistically to generate automatic reports.
Sigma’s solution combined technologies such as speech recognition, speaker diarization, speaker identification, emotion detection, information clustering, topic detection, natural language processing and understanding, OCR, image recognition, etc.

solution combined technologies such as speech recognition

The Outcome

The news tool is able to process all the available information, which is not possible by hand, so the company can have a broad overview of the situation, and through the search function, reduces the time spent in manual search dramatically.