Object size
Object size

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Estimating the dimensions of objects using cameras is a complex problem that usually requires the combination of several cameras together with reference objects (objects with known dimensions). Additionally, once the exact location of the cameras is known, the system must be adjusted manually or semiatomatically.

Sigma has a unique, highly-accurate patented technology that calculates an image’s dimensions using just one camera. This exclusive technology can measure the dimensions of objects, animals, plants/trees and people.

When the image displays only two dimensions of the object, the product calculates its height and width. When the three dimensions of the object are revealed, the product can calculate its depth as well.

The object sizing product works in two steps: It first detects the object, animal or person that needs to be measured; it then immediately calculates their dimensions.

It can be used to obtain the 3D dimensions of pieces of luggage (for example, in airports), of boxes in warehouses, of trucks, cars, etc. It can also be used to obtain one dimensional or two-dimensional measurements, such as the height of a person or the height and width of a motorcycle. Finally, it can be used to estimate volumes as well.