Product Recommendation System

How Business Intelligence AI technology can help in sales.

The Challenge

Company had a large and complex product portfolio. The product portfolio had frequent updates, so not only was difficult for call center sales agents to learn it but also to keep up with all the changes and special offers. Additionally, the call center had a high sales agent turnover. Training a new agent took one month plus five additional months of experience in the position to reach the target sales level, which was time consuming and costly.

Sigma’s Recommendation System learns from the previous sales and customer’s profiles, so it saves training time and increases sales.

The Solution

Sigma’s Recommendation System learnt customer’s preferences based on the historic and current sales and the customer’s profile. The system adapts to the changes rapidly by using current sales data and new product information. The learning process takes a few hours once the data is available since the Recommendation System accepts a large variety of data formats.

The Outcome

  • 75% reduction of the agents training.
  • 75% reduction of the calls duration.
    16% increase of the calls conversion rate.
  • Junior agents using the recommendation system sold 7% than senior agents with no recommendation system support.
  • Turnover reduction since the agent work is easier.