Products/Services Launch

How Sigma’s AI platform can help monitor the launch of a new product/service.

The Challenge

The US R&D Center of a major aerospace manufacturing company wanted to monitor the launch of a new product in the news and on social media in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. They also wanted to know the country from which the messages were generated, the gender of the people who sent them, the message language and their sentiment as well as a statistic analysis of the data.

Sigma’s Speech and Language technology detects messages related to predefined topics, analyzes them and computes statistics. It also can monitor press, radio, tv and social media.

The Solution

Sigma’s experience in over 120 languages and dialects together with Sigma’s AI platform were key to provide the client with early feedback from potential customers and stakeholders.

The AI platform was configured to detect messages related to the product launch, estimate their sentiment and language, and determine the location from which they have been submitted. It also obtained other demographic information that was used to perform the statistic alanalysis.

The Outcome

The resulting tool provided all the information through a graphical user interface that showed the analysis results. It also monitored press, tv, radio and social media in real time, clustered similar news and messages into categories, so it was easy for the client to know the main topics and understand the importance of messages as a function of the followers and other configurable parameters.