Sigma Vision

Sigma Vision is a computer vision platform that is integrated with well-known VMS such as milestone and genetec. It encompasses an increasing number of plug & play and turn-key computer vision features that are described below and includes tools to facilitate the installation and calibration of cameras, to monitor operation, and to visualize, analyze and store data.



Compliance, PPE & Covid-19

Sigma’s counting people, social distancing, personal protection equipment detection (PPE) and heat maps features operate both indoors and outdoors. They help control occupancy, compliance with PPE safety measures, and detect areas of intense human circulation. They have been successfully used in a number of use cases …

Object size 2

People / Object Sizing

Estimating the dimensions of objects using cameras is a complex problem that usually requires the combination of several cameras. Sigma has a unique, highly-accurate patented technology calculates an image’s dimensions using just one camera. This product has been successfully applied, for example, to user profiling and luggage sizing solutions …


Facial Recognition

Sigma’s facial recognition product has been successfully used in solutions with up to 20,000 registered users.
It facilitates the registration process using the employee/user photos or the ID cards directly, which saves a lot of time and minimizes the hassle and logistics of the employee registration process …