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Welcome to the inaugural Blog for Sigma Artificial Intelligence! We have recently undergone many changes in order to provide an even more personalized and better service, emphasize our industry leading results, and highlight our extensive capabilities and experience in Artificial Intelligence.

Sigma Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge AI to automate processes, extract insights from structured and unstructured data, and enable our clients to perform at superhuman levels.

We feel we are a very unique company in the artificial intelligence space due to the considerable experience of our senior team in Artificial Intelligence. It was in the early 90’s when, in addition to developing AI technology and products, they also started to deploy a number of AI-based services in Europe and America, providing automated services to millions of users. Since then, the Sigma team has continued to create new AI technologies and products, and to develop customized solutions.

This extensive experience allows us to have the AI knowledge and expertise necessary to understand all the project nuances and to make communication with our client’s Engineers, Data Scientists, Linguists, and Data Operation Managers smooth and productive.

Also, Sigma complies with the highest privacy and security standards (100% GDPR and CCPA compliant. ISO27001 certified). 

With the inauguration of our Blog, we start a new phase in which we will share the lessons learnt in over 30 years working on artificial intelligence. We will share information about important topics such as security and privacy, data quality, the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in different scenarios, examples for audio, text, images and video processing in real operating conditions, statistics from real use cases, and more.

There is a great professional and motivated team behind this initiative. I really hope that all our blog articles are of help and welcome your feedback and preferences.

It is also my hope that you enjoy the content we have to share over the coming months. And that you think of us when you are at a stage you believe AI could be of help. We will be happy to study and analyze your use case, and to implement and deploy the solution that best fits your needs. We guarantee we will outperform any other solution.




May 15, 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes