Oversized Luggage Detection

How Computer Vision technology can make the boarding process more efficient
Oversized object

The Challenge

Oversized hand luggage is one of the main causes for flight delays because it is detected manually during boarding by the airline’s ground staff. This causes negative interactions with the passengers and reduces the number of flights a day that airports can handle. Thus, affecting airports’ profitability.

Sigma’s “Object Sizing” product detects oversized hand luggage, which helps airports to be more profitable and improves passenger’s experience.

The Solution

Early detection of oversized hand luggage is critical to reduce delays in the flight departures, to avoid negative interactions with passengers, and to lower the passenger stress at the gate.
The detection of oversized hand luggage in crowded areas such as the boarding gate zone is challenging because hand luggage can be obscured by other objects, people or both. However, the security screening area is ideal because passengers pass one by one, so the probability that hand luggage is obscured is minimized. The typical implementation uses just one camera, though in this case two cameras were used to have a clear view of the hand luggage even in the most difficult cases.

Oversized object

The Outcome

The early detection of oversized hand luggage allows to solve the issue before the passenger arrives at the gate, so the boarding process is done smoothly and faster.
The passenger experience is better and the stress at the gate is minimized as there is time to explain the situation and carry-on baggage can be checked in at the gate long before the boarding process begins.