Custom AI solutions with a data-centric approach. Whether you’re beginning to assess AI as a business opportunity, or you have a concrete problem to solve, we extend your in-house expertise and support you end-to-end in developing and implementing AI and machine learning solutions.

Expertise across data types and applications

Our experts supplement your in-house teams with deep knowledge of how training data and AI models interact. Even disparate data types can be combined into a single integrated solution.

Image & video processing


Audio & conversational analysis

Natural language processing

Business intelligence & search

Cross-data integrated solutions

Services for each stage of AI adoption

Whether you’re just starting to assess the potential of AI or you have a concrete business case for an AI solution, we are ready to support you. Our service offering is based on your phase of AI adoption: evaluation, exploration, or execution.


If you’re just beginning to evaluate whether AI or a specific implementation has potential in your organization, we offer consulting to help you assess feasibility, evaluate your data and define a strategy.


If you have a concrete application you’re interested in exploring further, we create proofs-of-concept to quickly establish an understanding of the real-world requirements and challenges of a new AI implementation. Emphasizing speed, we develop a prototype, training it with your data and refining it in multiple feedback loops with your team.

Custom solutions

When your AI concept is ready for real-world application, we put together a team of experts to extend your in-house capabilities and deliver you a full-fledged, production-ready custom solution. 

In tight collaboration with your teams, model development and training dovetails with your running data generation or collection processes and improves over time.

We design, build, deploy and continuously improve the solution on the basis of our modular platforms.