People Counting in Conferences

How Computer Vision technology can help understand and predict conference dynamics.
Counting people in crowds

The Challenge

Conferences make available to attendees massive amounts of information in a short period of time in the form of key notes, workshops, panels, seminars, speeches, networking opportunities and exhibitor’s booths. Therefore, attendees can only attend the events that best suit their needs. The success of a conference depends on understanding the attendees’ preferences.

Sigma’s People Counting product provides information to assess the interest of each event, control occupancy and detect flows of people in real time.

The Solution

Controlling occupancy and getting statistics about the attendance to each speech, booth, workshop, etc. it is extremely important to understand all the nuances of conference dynamics, and provide additional information to organizers, exhibitors and attendees.
Sigma’s product can cover a surface of 1,000 sqf with just one camera, which reduces the number of cameras needed to monitor the occupancy of conference halls, the visits received per booth, the flows of people and the detection of crowded areas. Information is presented in a dashboard, which allows to analyze all the data after each event and make decisions on the go. Images are not stored, only the extracted data, so there are no privacy issues while data can be analyzed after the conference.

The Outcome

Accurate statistics of events’ attendance along time, hot topics and flows of people, so the company could proactively improve future conferences.