Building the Future of AI Today Through Automation and Human Augmentation

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Watch this video, and consider how our Artificial Intelligence technology could deliver the solutions your organization needs.

The exponentially-increasing volume of structured and unstructured data within organizations cannot be handled with the traditional human analysis-based approach.

We have created a suite of AI technologies and products to address the challenge of analyzing massive amounts of text, audio, images, videos and raw data.

Sigma is dedicated to bringing leading-edge AI to automate processes, extract insights from structured and unstructured data, and enable our clients to perform at superhuman levels.


“My over 30-year professional career has been devoted to helping organizations develop and apply AI in real-world conditions.

Experience shows that with AI, your business requires not only a quality product,
but a reliable partner:

A partner that can bring to your organization the technological skills and state-of-the-art products for all your needs today, and for what you’ll need tomorrow.

A partner who combines experience using AI, a command of the technology, and a human-centered design methodology.

Sigma is that partner.”

Daniel Tapias, PhD (Founder & CEO)

We have successfully tested and deployed our technologies and AI solutions in a wide range of clients and sectors. We want you to be certain that our leading-edge technology delivers the results you need and value.

We Provide that certainty through fast and cost-efficient pilots:

  • You will experience the level of performance up front.
  • You will be able to fine-tune the scope of the project to best serve you needs.

We’re confident that you’ll find our solutions outperform any other.