R3CAV project started with Sigma.being a key player

The R3CAV will work on developing a new adaptable architecture, both hardware and software, of autonomous vehicles, capable of operating at diff erent levels of autonomy, starting with advanced predictive driving assistance systems, to fully autonomous driverless systems.

Specifi cally, The Project will tackle the following 3 challenges:

1. The development of 5G communications technology for connected vehicles as an advanced driving assistance system. This challenge aims to: Inform and recommend the most appropriate actions to the driver, taking control of the vehicle if necessary. Benefi t from information from both other connected vehicles and infrastructure, extending the capabilities of L2 driving assistance systems (SAE taxonomy).

2. The development of a new autonomous and connected electric vehicle platform, for the future application as an adaptable and modular shuttle for the transport of people in urban circuits, whose level of automation will grow progressively from L2, with driving assistance systems to optimize speed profi les; up to L3, with both longitudinal and lateral control systems of the vehicle, in a circuit in real traffi c in open environments, which will be validated in a relevant environment.

3. The development of a new L4 type vehicle capable of operating in controlled environments in all weather conditions and in day and night operation, being able to manage complex interactions with the environment thanks to the help of an advanced infrastructure, which will be a source of information redundancy for the vehicle.


SIGMA will Design and develop a system to capture, prepare, annotate and process data from heterogeneous sources following specifi c security and privacy protocols. We will research and develop methods for data augmentation from various sources to increase quality and augment the availability of synthetic data, establishing methods for improvement and evaluation of datasets. Moreover, we will design, develop and validate an architecture that guarantees the integration of data from the perception, location and detection of the environment systems for decision making. Finally, we will Research, develop and validate new Artificial Intelligence algorithms for autonomous navigation and robust, comfortable and safe decision-making for automated vehicles.

A very strong collaboration with all partners is to be maintained during the whole duration of the project because artifi cial intelligence need to interact with all elements of the complex framework defi ned in R3CAV (Vehicle, Infrastructure and Communication Platforms).

Tecnalia, a very important research institute in the north of Spain, will be supporting SIGMA in getting the expertise to be able to master all needed interfaces and API’s relevant to the autonomous vehicle in such a way that data and AI algorithms will be able to perform with the quality and speeds needed in such a demanding application.

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